Summer is quickly approaching, and with it an increase in workers doing hands on tasks outdoors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that more workplace injuries take place during the summer than at any other point in the year, with a wide range of injuries befalling workers that perform most of their duties outdoors. This uptick in injuries emphasizes the needs for companies to protect both their employees and themselves- and it is wise to be mindful of all the factors that injury and lawsuit mitigation entails. …

As an insurance agency, Seeman Holtz recognizes the importance of comprehensive coverage options for the protection of businesses and their employees. Injuries on the job are common in certain industries, and it is crucial to ensure that medical care for employees’ work-related injuries and illnesses are accessible. If not, entities leave themselves wide open for potential lawsuits that could have a negative impact on their business.

Seeman Holtz conducts regular research on the common causes of worker’s compensation lawsuits to ensure that its practices help employees stay protected in the best ways possible. This includes utilization of worker’s compensation coverage…

Seeman Holtz Lawsuit

Seeman Holtz Lawsuit is a resource for discussing insurance and lawsuit mitigation strategy.

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